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Combination on Pool

Combinations in the pool are tacadas in which besides the cue ball, the cue ball more balls involved. In other words, the combinations are those tacadas in which two or more balls are touching or close together or far apart.

Force us to reprint the cue ball will make you stand in one place or another that we set in advance. So with little force a retreat after the impact will the white back up, however if you hit harder, after the impact the cue ball will move a little further until you slow to the table and begin to recede.

As for the bands and diamonds, these are useful to get an idea of where the ball will go after colliding with the band, despite throwing a diamond will never provide the ball to contact your symmetrically opposite, or even giving a zero effect. Consider the different results that can strike the cue ball with one or other effect on the band.

Filled ball is the cue ball hits the plane with the object ball

Fine ball is when white plays at the right or left edge of the object ball.

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