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Some Methods on Pool

"We who, in one form or another, represent Buchaca billiards, we have a responsibility to the sport itself: we must develop this method to make it more challenging, more competitive, so much to dispel the doubts of skeptics and optimistic expectations, increasingly reducing the luck factor, so that always dominate the competitive ability of the player pure. "

1. The "Indian Pool" (also called "Against Pool") is a mode in which the RPE plays the role of "object ball of the day" always, smaller than the object ball is on the table plays Ming and her is that it attacks. Accumulate points by shooting the ball tacadora having contacted the Minga. The "build table" is placed in the Minga position "1" (on the upper fly) and ball "1" in the cabin, to run the "throw out."

2. The "Cork" is a mode that is played at a table with both pockets, like one without them. Used only one object ball that is linked to the band at the height of the upper central diamond. A cork is placed on the central fly and a circle of three inches in diameter is marked with chalk around the fly. When you start the game each player places a coin on the cork. The goal is to contact the object ball and then contact the cork, either with the ball (casino) or minga (carambola). If it fails, the player must place an extra coin in the cork. If you start the "play of the cork" the player takes the coins that are outside the circle. It is "missing" dunk and / or sink the object ball.

3. The "Honolulu" Andersson creation of Kent, is played with 15 object balls. The first player who scored eight balls wins the game. They "sing" the baskets to any Buchaca but are prohibited "direct baskets." Baskets are only allowed carom, combination, doublet, rebound or band before. For complete rules, you can apply to the following address
Kent Andersson
P.O. Box 100565
Anchorage, AK 99510-0565
Alaska, USA

4. In the "Hawaiian Pool" to "set the table," the 15 balls are not linked. The "1" is placed in the upper fly and takes 4 balls tied in a "V", the 6 remaining balls are assembled in triangular form linked in the "V". Each player takes 2 "balls numbered" whose value is unknown to other players. If the "throw out" will score the "1", the player must continue by shooting in ascending numerical order. If breaking the pineapple Slam Dunks "15", the player must continue downward. If the initial score the play "8", the player can dunk as desired (in ascending or descending). The player it scores two balls with the value equivalent to "balls" to have in hand wins.

5. The "Cowboy Pool" is played to 101 points using only three object balls ("1", "3" and "5"). The "1" is placed in the lower fly, the "3" on the fly higher and the "5" on the fly central. The player is credited the value of any object ball pocketed one point for making simple cannon and two points for making triple carom. The maximum possible score in one round is 11 points. The first 90 points are credited in the manner described, from 91 to 100 points only allowed carambola and finally to win the game, you must contact the ball "1" and score in the pocket minga "sung."

6. The "Ball-2", the creation of George Fels, is played with two object balls, the "1" and "2" only. Place the ball "2" on top and the ball flies "1" on the fly lower. The goal is to score a ball and on the same play cannon (1 point) if it can be reset and continue pocketing the entry, if fails, the opponent starts his entry with the minga where he was resting.

7. "Hot Eight" is one of the many variants of the "Ball-8". The pineapple is assembled in a diamond shape (as in "ball-9") with "8" on center. Only used four "low ball" ("1" through "4") and four rates (the "9" to "12"). The balls of each group must score in ascending numerical order and always "8" at the end. Rules apply to "fit" and "ball in hand" when they commit offenses.

8. "Double Proportion" is a variant of the "Ball-9 APPA" (sung) in which the player must not only "sing" the play today but the next one. If it fails the second play, the first is invalid and pocketing is reset on the fly before the opponent starts its entry. Practice it and see how his "positional play" will improve considerably.

9. 'Billiards 101 ". This mode is played with three balls: two mingas with brands to differentiate, and an object ball, the "3". Each player is assigned a minga. Points are accumulated as follows:

A) score the "3": 5 points
B) by shooting minga after contacting the "3": 4 points
C) by shooting the opponent minga: 3 points
D) Carambola: 2 points
E) by shooting Minga Minga after contacting the opponent's 1 point

You may accumulate up to 14 points in one move.

10. "Nine Ball Buchaca Back" is a variant of the "Ball-9" in which the player starts the game is assigned to the pocket bottom right where you need to score the "9". The pocket bottom left is assigned to the opponent.

11. "Crazy Pocket" Panama is the mode in which only used seven object balls that are put together in a circle, is similar to the "Ball Back Nine Buchaca" but it's much more fun (and difficult): An ashtray is placed on the bottom and fly whenever you contact any ball, or if you sink the Ming, the player must bring a coin in it. At the end of the currencies used to pay "time" and soft drinks consumed.

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