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"... we must strive, not to control the ball, but in controlling our body is, to gather ourselves in all conditions and requirements for good performance."

1. Approaching the table, calculate the "both" ball and align the cue required under his chin. This allows you to settle into the correct position to make the play.

2. The most important thing is not as a place to attack, but the balance of the body. The position of the body must be stable and solid enough to allow a little push on the shoulder of attack, without losing balance.

3. The position must also be comfortable. Work on your posture until you finally find the one that makes you feel comfortable and well balanced.

4. Do not try to correct your posture (or play) while measuring.

5. Three or four swings during rolling is sufficient. Too many ups and downs will make you lose your rhythm of play and create unnecessary pressure.

6. The swing should be rhythmic, forward and backward, do not rush it or stop it, and above all continue to move the cue forward (long attack) after contact cap-ming.

7. The open bridge (no ring) is much better than I thought, easy to use in their plays (soft and void). This type of bridge not only allows a better view-ming cue-ball-pocket, but it will help you relax.

8. In the last swing, if it considers that it made ​​the move, do so and pull the trigger. Otherwise, stop, stop and re-adjust.

9. Remain motionless after the attack. Avoid unnecessary movement of the body. Trying to control the trajectory of the ball by moving the body is not only a sign of lack of confidence, but also prevent monitor right heel.

10. After attacking, keep your head down and stay in position to attack a few seconds. This allows an "attack elongated" and maintain a good rhythm.

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