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Controlling The Cue Ball

In the pool the fewer things are left to the much better luck as he says George Fels (great author of books on billiards) "the pool is to transform the possibilities into certainties." If I put a ball and I rely on chance to have a good position to put the next one, I'm playing with an uncontrollable factor is luck. Conversely, if you got some magical way to position the cue ball at some point or area that allows me to potting the next ball with ease for me everything would be much easier. At first everyone thinks that the pool is limited to being able to put a few balls into holes, but when the player passes the time you realize you hit the ball is only a requirement to pull the next and the true sense of the game is to place the cue ball correctly in order to keep getting up to win the game.

This little magic is achieved through the tip of the heel to the sole it is called, it being a gripping material when combined with the chalk, it allows an area of ​​pasta as the ball, we can print effects. These effects, and domain knowledge that can make placing the cue ball into an infinity of points.

Called "series" or "fell swoop" to move in the same turn you place an item either 8 ball or 9 ball. A player who does not dominate the placement of white if you will a series of fluke while for a player who masters this principle is a relatively simple task, depending on the difficulty of the item in question. So we can guess that the best player is one who has better control the placement of the cue ball, because I can assure you that after a while everyone just getting the ball with relative ease. Even a ball player that is not difficult to give too well if it is a very strong in the position of white, no problems, because you never leave complicated shots.

Those that do not place too well the white ball is jokingly called "Introduce balls" and I can assure you in this world, it is usually not a compliment. So try to escape completely from that term and let us enter fully into what really is the pool .... The placement of the cue ball. I assure you that from this point understand why some people take many years without getting tired of the pool ...

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