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Snooker is a billiards game that takes place in a special table measures 3.6 m by 1.8 m, also called twelve feet. It is played with a cue ball (the cue ball), fifteen red balls and six balls in the following colors: black, pink, blue, brown, green and yellow.

Game Mechanics

The goal is to get more points than the opponent, holed balls in a certain order. The rules of snooker game set in turn, each of which the player must try to make as many combinations of red ball red ball more. That is, it points to a red ball first, gets into one of six holes of the table, adding a point, and then has to introduce a red ball, adding to the score value of the color ball introduced. The referee put back in place the potted colored ball. In principle, the colored ball to strike must be announced before making the shot, but this is usually not necessary because usually seen clearly in the position of the player which ball points.

The score of the balls is as follows:

  • bola red: 1 points

  • bola yellow: 2 points

  • bola green: 3 points

  • bola brown: 4 points

  • bola blue: 5 points

  • bola pink: 6 points

  • bola black: 7 points

  • Once all the red balls potted, with their combinations, in order of value holed colored balls. Must touch the ball or the player corresponding commit an offense that added four points, at least at the marker of its rival.

    The maximum score that can be obtained by combining the fifteen red balls with the black ball and pot the six colored balls is 147 points (15 * 8 + 27). However, in certain circumstances can overcome this score, nor is it essential to always combine on black ball to the 147 points. These two conditions require a failure by one of the players with the twenty balls on the table.

    The game is very popular in the UK, Ireland, Canada, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Australia and India. Recently, interest has grown in the same in West Asia and players from Thailand, Hong Kong and China have reached the elite, although its practice has expanded greatly from other European countries like Spain and Portugal. The young 22 year old Shaun Murphy in 2005 was the surprise champion of the world. In May 2006 he was ousted by the Scot Graeme Dott.

    To give you an idea of ​​how to play Snooker:

    Also here are snooker tricks:

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