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Out of a Defense on Pool

To get get out of a good defense most important thing to start is a good command of the bands, so this section will be devoted to that. For bands that are worth, how they work, which angles are input lines and output.

When a ball goes into effect without a band at an angle, leaving the same angle but on the other side of the perpendicular, which is the black line. This output would be half strongly, if we hit more force to cut the angle and hit very soft if the effect slightly open.

You can also extend the theory to the second band, which also would get the same angle. This is the theory, as there is friction in the band it is normal that the balls acquire some effect in favor. so that in practice goes a tad more open than usual.

If the ball hit it with a side effect, we see that this angle changes the direction of effect, but the only way to control this variation is pulling 30,000 balls per band effect, and so the head is used to calculate and see.

When a game we let a defense like this, we must always try to play (if possible) the band closest to the objective. In this case, the best to play safe, the line would be yellow, white, to be further from the point of collision of the ball band, is more uncertain.

The best exercise to train this is to place a ball anywhere on the table, also white at a random point, then try to give the color to white but at least with a band in between. If we give a band before we point a point, if there are two bands for two points ... and so on to 50 points. We can always choose which band to play before we go, depending on how well we choose the bands giving further from the objective is difficult or easy closest.

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